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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


I am not able to log in to watch video.

All subscriptions require purchase. If you have not made a purchase yet, please browse our gallery and make your selections, and complete the payment screens. If you have made a purchase but cannot find your username (your email address) and password, you can go to http://video.internbridge.com/watch and click "Forgot Password?" This will help you reset your password. If this does not resolve your problem, please email us: info@internbridge.com.


What happens after I place an order? How long do I wait to watch the videos and receive the downloads?

Your order is available immediately after successful payment. If you know your username (email address used when making the purchase) and password, you can log in now. After each order, you should receive a one or more emails with login instructions and links to download any supplemental files, handouts, research papers, etc. If it is not your first time purchasing from us, you might not receive an email with login information reminders.


May I share my username and password with other people?

You are free of course to watch and access your Intern Bridge on-demand videos wherever you'd like. You cannot broadcast the videos for a group of people. You shouldn't share your login with anyone else. Please contact us (info@internbridge.com) if you'd like to buy a group/company subscription.


What is your refund policy?

We know our content is excellent (nationally recognized), but perhaps some technical issue is getting in your way... Please contact us (info@internbridge.com) if you are having any troubles accessing our content. Our policy is: no refunds. However, we'll work with you to make working with us a great experience.